Restaurant / Tapas Bar - South American specialities

Un Vinito?

22 rue Réaumur - 75003 Paris

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Opening Hours    5pm - 1am

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Wines & Spirits

We are proud to specialise in South American products. Our main goal is to bring you exciting quality wines, which are the product of hard work, savoir-faire and family traditions. Our wines hail from all different regions across South America; from The Rappel Valley in Chile to the Uco Valley in Argentina.

Every month, we also put care and consideration into choosing a new arrival for our wine family; a “wine of the month”. So far, we have travelled with you to Bulgaria, South Africa, Sicily… to name but a few. We want to surprise and excite your taste buds and for this we select wines from all over the world. 

Should you be seeking something spicier as a “digestif”, we also have top quality rum from the Colombian Caribbean coast and Venezuela, excellent single malt whiskies and great gins (our Scottish touch!), delicious Chilean Pisco and brilliant Brazilian Cachaça. We add new products to our selections as often as we can to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Finally, our very own variety of cocktails made with exotic products guarantee a great time for you and your friends!


Tapas & Mains

Our every day challenge

So, for those of you who know us, it is no secret that we like to keep our tapas menu as fresh, exciting and surprising as possible. We deeply respect traditional South American dishes and flavours but we also like to mischievously rework these a little to reflect our experience of European cuisine. Our aim is to add French and international flair whilst respecting the traditional roots of our respective countries.


There is also undoubtedly a small “Scottish touch” in our dishes from haggis (yes haggis!) arepas served specially on Burns Night, to beautiful Scottish cheddars, to delicious Scottish Smoked Salmon.


We also strive to pack in as many fresh, homemade ingredients as possible into our daily menus. Our tapas truly reflect who we are and the stories that we have to tell.